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Joelan Consultancy. Hassle Free Compliance Management & Continual Improvement Solutions For Your Business.

About Joelan Consultancy

Have you ever sat back and thought, how much easier managing your Business would be if you weren't also trying to ensure that you`re meeting your compliance obligations? Maybe you're thinking of ways to Continually Improve your Service Offering to clients or just wanting to ensure you're effectively managing the risks associated with Personnel Training & Fitness for Duty.

We Get It, That's why Joelan Consultancy was established. To Provide Continual Improvement & Hassle Free Compliance Management Solutions.

Reliable solutions, from Relatable experience is what our team structure is all about, experience that can only come from time spent behind the wheel, in operations roles, business development & personnel training. Our Team consists of Individuals who value continue improvement and use their collective industry backgrounds in their role as highly skilled auditors, consultants & trainers to create opportunities for you & your organisation to Continually Improve.

Driving Continual Improvement (Pun Intended) underpins our Strategic Partnerships, which enables us to align with Organisations who Share our Goals for assisting businesses Nationally & Internationally to Achieve Industry Excellence. Our Partnerships allow us to strengthen our service offering to you, Delivering Nationally Recognised Training, Internationally Certified Training & Providing Consultancy & Audit Services for ISO Accreditation, NHVAS, WAHVA & Truck Safe as well as Onsite Workplace Screening.

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