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Workplace Screening

Safer Workplaces & Reduced Risk Exposure. Does your Workplace Conduct Random Screening? We Can Help with our Flexible, Reliable & Efficient Workplace Screening Solutions

Having a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy is fairly standard for most organisations within the Road Transport, Logistics & Warehouse Sector. However for the most part this is where the risk management process falters by not adequately managing risk. Why? Because to effectively implement the Policy an Organisation actually needs to conduct Pre-Employment & Random Workplace Screening.

For an Organisation to demonstrate they have taken reasonable steps to manage the risk of illicit drug use in the workplace, they need to have a Random Screening or Testing regime in place to show how they plan to screen personnel, a minimum standard or minimum frequency of testing, and a clear procedure to deal with test results regardless of the result.

Our Workplace Screening Services provide your organisation with the capability to implement an adaptive Testing regime, based around your schedules, rosters & other site requirements. We work with you to develop a regime that suits your business in line with AS/NZS 4308:2008, AS 4760:2006 & AS 3547:1997.

We have Strategic partnerships in place with Australian Clinical Laboratories, Laverty Pathology & QML Pathology who provide us with laboratory confirmation of Test results when required and turned around within 24-36hrs then reported to us through the Secure Online Medway Portal.  

Understanding The Transport & Logistics Industry Enables us to provide for our clients a Workplace Screening program that Adds Value, not extra compliance hassles.

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