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Compliance Management

Achieving Compliance Through Conformance

Ensuring Effective Compliance Management within your business can be a challenging task, Knowing what systems to have in place, what to review, and ultimately trying to determine if you are compliant. In Order to Achieve Compliance, you must first Achieve Conformance.

Conformance to Required Legislation or Standards, Customer Requirements or Internal Policies & Procedures is the only way to ensure you are compliant. The first step to achieving compliance is to work out what your organisation is required to conform to, then set about initiating actions which will allow your organisation to meet these requirements.

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This may be through Developing Internal Policies & Procedures which highlight what is required to be done to conform to Customer or Legislative Requirements, setting up Personnel Training or Induction Programs to cover off your obligations as an employer to ensure adequate knowledge of Work Tasks and Responsibilities or Having an Internal Review or Managed Compliance Program in place, to look at Chain Of Responsibility Obligations such as Fatigue, Mass, Maintenance, Speeding & Load Restraint.

Additional Measure may include ensuring the ongoing Suitability & Fitness for Duty of Personnel through Workplace Screening & Verification Of Competency programs or schedules or even collaborating with your suppliers & customers to look at how you could work together to strengthen your approach to risk management.

Effective Compliance Management is about knowing which Requirements you will need Conform to, deciding how you are going to meet those requirements, documenting your objectives, goals or processes to form a Standard or Benchmark and reviewing them periodically to determine if the actions you take are effective in meeting those requirements and managing risk.

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