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Exemplar Global Skills Assessment

Looking To Become Certified As A Heavy Vehicle Systems Auditor Under NHVAS or WAHVA?

Undergoing Certification as a Heavy Vehicle Systems Auditor through Exemplar Global forms part of the required competencies & qualifications required by persons who wish to become accredited through Main Roads Western Australia & The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to conduct audits on accredited operators.

Exemplar Global

The Body Responsible for the certification of Auditors for both schemes is Exemplar Global, and the process for certification requires the person undertaking certification to undergo a Skills Examination to determine their suitability.

For most schemes developed by Exemplar Global, required competencies are identified as knowledge competencies, skill competencies, personal attributes, and additional qualifications.

The most effective method of demonstrating skill competencies is to observe the candidate performing the required tasks, which is called a skill examination.

A skill examiner is an individual certified by Exemplar Global as competent to conduct the skill examination and is independent of the candidate being examined.

As a certified Skill Examiner, we can facilitate the Skills assessment for you as part of your certification process. We offer this service Australia wide and work with you to try and facilitate a timely & cost effective Skills Examination in line with Exemplar Global Requirements.

Get in touch with us to discuss how undergoing an Exemplar Global skills examination can assist you as part of your auditor certification process.

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