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Maintenance Management

Improvements In Road Safety & Vehicle Efficiencies Through Clearly Defined & Standardised Maintenance & Inspection Practices.

Maintenance Management Accreditation as part of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme acknowledges operators who have in place an auditable system of policies & procedures which outline how Vehicles & Equipment are to be maintained, how breakdowns, faults & damages are rectified & managed and how & when preventative maintenance & inspections are to be carried out.

Accredited operators are still required to maintain their vehicles and equipment to all legislative & regulatory standards, however vehicles which are Maintenance Managed are granted exemptions from annual registration inspections, and due to a higher standard of maintenance, operators experience fewer breakdowns, better relationships with enforcement agencies and fewer on road inspections.

Having detailed maintenance schedules & procedures, coupled with documented & well communicated processes for Fault & Damage Repairs underpin an operators Maintenance Management Accreditation. Operators are responsible for ensuring that their Maintenance policies & procedures are adequately covering the required level of maintenance for all vehicles & equipment within their fleet.

Internal training which covers Awareness, Understanding & Application of Maintenance Management System policies & procedures is the responsibility of the operator. Records should be kept as evidence of this training for all relevant personnel.

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