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Site Safe

How safe is your site? Not sure if you`ve taken reasonable steps to protect your employee`s, contractors, the public or your business? We can help

Ensuring that your business is meeting its obligations under Workplace Health & Safety Legislation can be a challenging task.

The aim of any safety management system should be to continually improve the safety & operational effectiveness of any business and is achieved by continually evolving to meet the requirements of the business. To achieve this you need to look at how to undertake an operation or task safely in the first instance, rather than reacting to make an existing task or process safe after an incident, accident or near miss. Effective safety & risk management should assist in productivity, not hinder it.

Site Safe can work with your business, your clients or Sub-Contractors to assist with:
  • Onsite inspections for Traffic management, Heavy vehicle movement and loading & unloading zones, Forklift Safety & Pedestrian management.
  • School drop off & pick management plans & assessments
  • Development of safety documentation specific to your site or scope of works including safe work method statements (SWMS), Risk assessments, Policies, Procedures, Site inductions and Traffic & vehicle movement plans.
  • Site or Project safety audits for Chain of Responsibility, Workplace Health & Safety or Sub-Contractor compliance including mobile weighbridges to prevent overloading & maximise vehicle productivity, along with onsite load restraint & vehicle and equipment inspections.
  • Onsite random drug & alcohol testing.
Get in contact to see how Site Safe can assist your business or organisation in managing risk and ensuring that your safety management system helps your business, not hinders it.
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