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COR Awareness

Adequate Knowledge Of Responsibilities & Effective Risk Management Strategies

The awareness Surrounding Roles & Responsibilities & The use of effective risk management strategies will vary from person to person, and even from customer to customer, based upon previous experience or exposure to Chain of Responsibility Management Systems or Strategies, Training & Induction Programs or Contract & Supplier requirements.

Ensuring that all personnel within your business develop a sound knowledge of their Roles & Responsibilities is key to the overall success of your risk management processes and ultimately enabling your business to efficiently & effectively meet its obligations under Duty Of care & Chain of Responsibility Legislation.

As part of Employee Training & Inductions, it is the responsibility of Business Owners to ensure that they provide Adequate Information to all personnel involved with Road Transport Tasks, this includes obtaining evidence of this training & the outcome (whether more training is required or they are deemed to have sufficient knowledge). As a minimum, this would be specific to each role and include Requirements under COR & HVNL and those required to ensure adherence to internal policies.

Joelan Consultancy Can Assist with the Development of a training & induction program for your business, enabling all employee`s, sub-contractors and even customers to be adequately informed on their role & responsibilities, and the application of effective risk management strategies.

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