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Heavy Vehicle Driver Assessments & Refresher Training

Identifying Opportunities To Improve Driver Behaviour, Knowledge & Vehicle Operation.

It`s often said that employees are one of the greatest assets to any business, that may be true, however with Road Transport you also have your employee`s in control of another Asset, Your Vehicles & Equipment. Sure they may be licenced, but what measures do you have place to ensure that their Level of Skill & Knowledge is where it should be?

Our Heavy Vehicle Driver Assessments are designed around identifying opportunities to improve driver behaviour, knowledge of road rules & vehicle operation. Having your Drivers Assessed periodically also strengthens your risk management approach in ensuring the most competent & qualified people are in control of your vehicles & equipment at all times.

We can conduct customised Pre-Employment or Return to Work capacity assessments, along with facilitating Verification Of Competency assessments as a part of Contract or Client Requirements.

All our assessments are conducted with the use of In cabin duel video cameras, fitted with GPS, Speed & Sensor Technology to capture all aspects of the assessment & ensure consistency & integrity in the assessment process. Captured footage is provided along with viewing software, so you can review the assessments. We can also assist you in managing remedial training to address incorrect driving techniques, driver behaviour or interpretation of Road Rules.

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