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Access Assist

Don't have time to process your heavy vehicle access permits or not sure where to start? Let us assist you with your heavy vehicle access permits.

Organising, lodging & managing your heavy vehicle access permits can be time consuming, keeping you from managing other areas of your business, potentially leaving your business trying to play "catch up" while your competitors already have road network or site access.

Our aim is to work with your business, your clients & your Sub-Contractors to ensure that the process for obtaining permits is managed efficiently, enabling your business to access the road network compliantly and competitively.

Access Assist provides your business with a customised service tailored to suit your heavy vehicle access requirements, including:

· Jobsite or Project access planning to ensure the safest and most direct routes are used and applied for to reduce the overall impact of heavy vehicle movements & limit the exposure to excess traffic movements, poor site access and the risk of collisions with other road users.

  • PBS (performance based standards) access & In principle permit applications
  • Route planning & Route management
  • Liaise with road managers including local government stakeholders
  • Compiling & Managing your Permit library, Vehicle configurations & Permit renewals
  • Working with vehicle & equipment manufacturers on new build or equipment modifications to ensure your business obtains maximum productivity from its assets.

Looking to access the benefits of PBS or greater access to the road network. Get in contact to see how Access Assist can help your business to manage heavy vehicle access permits

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