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Fatigue Management

Improved Safety & Greater Flexibility, From Increased Awareness & Effective Risk Management.

Fatigue Management Accreditation under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme provides operators with the option of greater flexibility in when drivers can work and rest, so long as the risks associated with Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue are effectively managed.

Operators are able to apply for either Basic Fatigue Management (BFM Accreditation) or Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM Accreditation) with each Module having its own set of Standards requiring operators to design & implement a set of Auditable Policies & Procedures which allow them to meet the requirements of the Accreditation Standard.

Effective risk management underpins an operator's accreditation and focuses on an increase in knowledge & awareness surrounding driver fatigue & its prevention along with driver health, fitness for duty and monitoring. Nationally Recognised Training is required to be undertaken by Drivers & Schedulers or those who have a role in the rostering of drivers & scheduling of loads, additional in house training & induction into an operators Fatigue Management System is also required.

Evidence of this training & induction must be documented in the form of an Induction Approval Letter for each driver, specific to the operators accreditation and carried with them at all times.

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