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How To Become NHVAS Accredited

Wanting To Apply For NHVAS Accreditation? Not Sure Where To Start? We Can Help.

The Process for undergoing accreditation firstly requires an operator to decide which NHVAS Module or Modules they feel would be of the greatest benefit to their business and ensure a Sound understanding of the NHVAS Business Rules and Applicable Accreditation Standards and agree to abide by them.

Once an operator has determined which accreditation module or modules they wish to apply for, they will need to develop and maintain a compliance management system which meets the relevant accreditation standards. This can be achieved by documenting the procedures that must be followed to enable conformance to the requirements of the accreditation standard and meet the operators own internal requirements.

An evaluation on the effectiveness of the Compliance Management System is the next step, this is where an operator will be required to undergo and independent audit by an NHVAS Approved Auditor, this is known as an Entry or Establishment Audit. If Successful the operator is then able to submit their Establish Accreditation Application to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator along with the Entry Audit Report.

When the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has reviewed the operator's application they will be advised on the outcome. If the application is successful, the operator will be provided with an accreditation approval notice and certificate of accreditation, outlining the conditions (if any) and period of accreditation granted. It is then up to the Operator to manage their Accreditation in Accordance with the NHVAS Rules, Accreditation Module Standards & their Own Internal Policies & Procedures.

Accredited Operators will then have to undergo an Initial Compliance Audit, due no earlier than 6 months and no later than 7 months, then a second Scheduled Compliance Audit due prior to the expiry of the accreditation period.

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