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ISO Accredited MHE Training

Continued Professional Development for Materials Handling Equipment Operators.

Operators of all Materials Handling Equipment require formal training and evidence of their competency and ability to operate Safely & Efficiently. Our Materials Handling Operator Training courses can provide candidates with ISO Personal Certification, and an ongoing commitment to their continued professional development as MHE operators.

The Operation of Electric Pallet Jacks, Reach Stackers, Walk Behind Stackers all fall under the Category of Materials Handling Equipment, our ISO Accredited MHE Operator Training provides all candidates with Photo card Identification to verify the equipment types they are competent to operate complete with a period of accreditation to ensure their continued professional development and to drive continual improvement & safety within the workplace.

The combination of National & International industry best practice and regulation, is the base of our ISO Accredited MHE courses, as they aim to establish the critical knowledge required to become Safe & Efficient Materials Handling Equipment Operators, With the Machine Operation Category Focusing on Participants Learning How to safely operate the Machine by developing their Skills and Proficiency through Practical/Hands on Machine Operation and Load Shifting Training.

Joelan Consultancy | ISO Accredited MHE Training

The courses can be delivered via two separate methods, Online & Onsite. The Key Benefits in the offering of Both Online Learning & Onsite Training is that candidates are able to develop the Underpinning Knowledge at their own pace. Greater levels of efficiency are also achievable when delivering the Onsite Performance Component as candidates are not required to undergo any additional Theory Assessments, which allows for greater delivery flexibility and less time Onsite for Trainers, reducing time away from Normal Work Tasks/Duties for participating Candidates.

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