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How to Comply Within Your Business

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Having a Safety & Compliance Management System Implemented within your business that is specific to your scope of operation is the most effective way of demonstrating that you have taken reasonable steps to both Identify & Manage the risks associated with Road Transport & the Operation Of Heavy vehicles.

A Safety & Compliance Management System does not need to be complicated, and it should Facilitate Continual Improvement across all aspects of the business, in turn adding value, by ensuring that your business is responsive to risk identification, and can implement adequate & effective risk management strategies.

In its simplest form your Safety & Compliance Management System may consist of your business:

  • Identifying the legislative requirements & risks associated with its operation
  • Developing & documenting specific policies & procedures which would need to be implemented & followed to Manage the identified risks, this would also include a process for dealing with actual or potential non-conformances or breaches of or against internal policies & procedures or applicable legislative requirements.
  • Having a system of personnel training & induction to ensure sound understanding of the roles & responsibilities within the Business & Management System, this would need to be documented & records kept and should be applied to both new & existing personnel.
  • Conducting scheduled/regular reviews of not only the Management System`s Policies & Procedures, but the performance of personnel, to help identify areas of improvement either by training, procedure change or development. This would be an Internal Audit and is designed to highlight areas for improvement, current exposure to risks and ultimately the effectiveness of the Management System as a whole in assisting your business to conform to applicable legislation, customer requirements & business goals for sustainability, growth & continual improvement.

Joelan Consultancy can assist you to develop your Safety & Compliance Management System, we can work with you to implement personnel training programs and even guide the ongoing management to give you peace of mind that your business is continually improving.

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